precognitive stupidity
Scully:  Whatever happened to "trust no one," Mulder?
Mulder:  Oh, I changed it to "trust everyone." I didn't tell you?
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I was listening to a new-ish episode of Bullseye — a podcast I’ve been following for years; it used to be The Sound of Young America — and as soon as Jesse started this Outshot, I was hoping it would be this song. I, too, have had this humble tiny song stuck in my head for years since he first included it in a broadcast.

I want to sing it to my baby whenever I have one, I want to memorize the lyrics and sing them to myself in the car with the windows rolled down while sitting at a red light next to a car full of football players, and I want everyone to know this song exists.

Jesse’s explanation of how the song stuck to his brain so accurately describes my feelings towards this song it’s actually pretty bizarre. This neat little song, even if only in a little teeny way, changed my life and I hope it does the same to you. Enjoy.

I hate everything today
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Erik Satie - Gymnopédie Number 1

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Should have taken more pictures this weekend! Drunk friends, pretty roof lights, tiny whiskey bottles, and a William Steig i tried to steal from a bar bathroom.

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hello, my name is Audrey, and i am addicted to dogs.

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Outtakes from David Bowie’s 1977 “Heroes” cover photo shoot by Masayoshi Sukita.

regular portraits are boring. mushed goofy faces forever

annfran said: Did that shorthand note (or not a note, I can't remember what it was) ever get translated/deciphered?

no! sadly, it still remains a mystery. we’ve had a bunch of helpful responses on tumblr regarding types of shorthand and phrasing, but for the most part we still don’t know what it says.

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DC summer’s been muggy, frantic, colorful.


This 1928 NYPL overdue book slip was miraculously discovered in 1980 during the construction of the Tenement Museum. The Museum kept the card on display, stating that  title of the book on the card is “one of the great mysteries, we unfortunately do not know.” That is, until yesterday, when the Museum turned to Twitter for help deciphering the handwriting. Within a few hours, the mystery was solved. The book, which may have never been returned, was Israel by by Ludwig Lewisohn. A great example of the power of the Internet. 

yo I love this so much. we should crowdsource more often!

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annfran replied to your post “Dreams, strange.”

I’m kinda jealous of this dream. But I have to know: parks & rec chris pratt or guardians of the galaxy chris pratt?

oh man, my bad for neglecting this for so long! it was mid-transformation chris pratt, like still a bit chubby but well on his way to current chris pratt status.

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Mac Demarco - Cooking Up Something Good

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If the outside world is this curious friendly harmless doberman, I am that unnecessarily terrified baby ostrich who is just trying to keep its head from exploding out of sheer terror.

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